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Upcoming Wine Courses

Find out what's going on at The Sommelier Factory, Toronto's Leading Wine Education School.


Class info TBA

Monday, 13 May @ 6:30PM


Does Farming Make Wine Taste Different? Part of our series of classes on the Expanded World of Wine. We’ll make sense of Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainable viticulture and what it means for you as someone who loves wine

Wednesday, 15 May @ 12 PM or 6:30PM
(3 weeks)

Foundation for Beginners

We’ll connect the dots between, climate, winemaking and the wine in your glass.
You’ll walk away understanding why you like what you like and the confidence to keep exploring wine

Thursday, 16 May @ 12PM or 6:30PM
(6 weeks)


Our signature program for anyone seeking an enhanced understanding of wine and a mastery of blind tasting. Each week we explore an iconic global wine region through the lens of geography, history and wine law. We taste 8-12 wines each class and actively work on blind-tasting skills. 

Tuesday, May 21 @ 12PM or 6:30PM
(12 weeks)

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